Excess Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Underarms

  Treatment time: 30 mins

  Full onset of results: within 1 week

 Duration of results: 4-6 months

Excess Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Underarms

Excessive sweating due to hyperhidrosis forces men and women to change their clothes regularly, limits personal style, ruins fabrics and erodes self-confidence.  If you suffer from excessive sweating it can be embarrassing and we are here to help.  This is a popular treatment requested by office workers, international speakers and athletes.

Botulinum toxin can be injected into the armpit area affected by hyperhidrosis.  This helps reduce sweating in this area by blocking the signals from the brain to the sweat glands.  Over time, you may notice that the botulinum toxin works more effectively and lasts longer with each subsequent treatment.

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