Kelly Millar – Founder, Personal Brand and Transformational Coach

As founder and principal of KM Personal Brand and Transformational Coaching, Kelly brings years of international branding, psychodynamic training, personal and professional development and transformational coaching experience to her work. Her coaching sensibilities and visionary approach to personal branding and wellbeing are truly international, resulting from time spent working, studying and living in the UK, Canada, US, Spain, The Netherlands and South Africa. Her international coaching and psychodynamic training and work experience as a personal brand and transformational coach, has provided her with the requisite knowledge and unique combination of skills needed to assist clients in enhancing their personal and professional development, achieving their goals and to realise a balanced, dynamic, more confident self. A leading personal brand and transformational expert known for her warm professional approach, Kelly has given advice on TV, radio and also contributes regularly to international publications as an authority in the personal brand and wellbeing industries. Through her various affiliations with hand-picked suppliers, she provides clients with unique advantages and tools while assisting them to transform and design the life they want, inspire and lead, achieve their goals and become their absolute best self. Although her native tongue is English, Kelly has a sound knowledge of both Spanish and French, an invaluable asset when working with clients globally. Kelly is renowned for her innate creativity, intuitive sensitivity, emotional intelligence and passion for personal growth and style.

Through one-to-one and group coaching, personal brand development services, as well as seminars and workshops, she assists clients to thrive and accelerate success in all areas of their lives, and to empower them through a process of self-understanding and action from the inside out. A visionary, compassionate coach, Kelly will give you the tools you need to look and feel dynamic and live with more confidence, awareness, balance and vitality.

As a highly experienced and dedicated personal brand and transformational coach, my primary goal is to empower you and improve your life by assisting you transform to create the life you want, to inspire and be your absolute best self, enabling you to enjoy life more fully and live what you love.
I offer unique, high-quality personal brand services and transformational development coaching with a prime commitment of facilitating you to transform personally and professionally and achieve your most important goals. I am committed to serving you conscientiously and compassionately. Using a holistic approach to personal brand and transformational development coaching, I get to know my clients and determine their particular needs. Drawing on years of coaching experience in personal branding and wellbeing industries, I help each client create a more confident, fulfilled self, that reflects their personality, strengths and ambitions.
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